Instrument Repairs and Restoration Services

We provide instrument repairs and restoration services for all stringed instruments, electric and acoustic guitars,amplifiers, brass/woodwind and sound equipment
Guitar - Banjo - Bass - Drums - Violin / Fiddle - Cello - Flute - Trumpet - Trombone - Saxophone - Amp Services

What is Instrument Maintenance About?

Repair Shop

Regular maintenance on stringed instruments is necessary if you wish to achieve optimal sound quality and performance. The ever changing Canadian climate can really take it's toll on our instruments.

Acoustic guitars for example, are particularly sensitive to sudden temperature changes. Also, extreme levels of humidity dramatically affect the play-ability of your instrument. Most guitars can be adjusted and set up to fix these problems. Finally, regular string changes are necessary in keeping a nice, clear tone and your instrument in tune. Bring your instrument in for our Tech to have a look and give you details on what needs to be done with an estimate of the labour costs.

What We Can Do For You

    Guitar Restringing

  • 6 String - Electric and Acoustic
  • 12 String - Electric and Acoustic
  • Bass - Electric/Acoustic and Double Bass
  • Repairs Shop

    Neck dressings, re-fretting, crowning and replacements

    Basic and Full Setups (strings not included)

  • Adjusting Action
  • Eliminate String Buzz
  • 6 String - Electric and Acoustic w/ Standard Bridge
  • 6 String w/ Floyd Rose Bridge
  • 12 String Electric and Acoustic
  • Repairs Shop

    Strap Pin Installation

    Pickup Replacement

  • Direct Replacement pickup on Electric Guitars
  • Electric Instrument and Equipment Repairs (priced per job)

  • Components / parts replacement
  • Complete re-wiring
  • Active electronics installation
  • Hardware replacement / upgrade
  • Customizations of pick guards, knobs, cosmetics, odd ball requests
  • Other work (priced per job)

  • Machine head repair / replacement / upgrade
  • Broken neck, and body repairs
  • Custom bone nuts
  • Drum head tuning and replacement

We service the Southern Ontario and Niagara Region including:

Beamsville, Lincoln, Vineland, Grimsby, St Catharines, Smithville, Fruitland, Jordan, Winona, Campden, West Lincoln, Stoney Creek, and Hamilton

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